Jail Release Options

Jail Release Options for Canoga Park Offenders

While bail bonds are the easiest and most common way to get out of jail, they are not the only way.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are the most common option, because most people don’t have the cash upfront to pay the cost of bail. In this case, a percentage of the bail is payed, usually 10%, and the offender agrees to appear at all court dates.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is just as it sounds. Using cash or a cashier’s check, you can pay the amount of bail in full. Upon completion of your trial, the money will be returned to you.

Cite Out

Also known as a Citation Release, a Cite Out means that you are presented with a document of your charge and court date information. Then, you are free to go. This is what happens in trivial or small offenses.


Being released on your own recognizance means that you do not have to pay bail to get out of jail. You are released and still expected to show up to all your court dates. The judge will do this if he believes you can be trusted to show up to all court dates on your own.

Property Bond

Like it sounds, a Property Bond uses your property for bail. The court puts a lien on your property, or a loved one’s property. If you skip bail, and don’t show for your court dates, the court can and will foreclose on the lien. Usually, this is only used for charges involving extremely large bail costs, and the property must be worth 150% of the cost.

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