How Bail is Set

How Bail is Set in Canoga Park

Every single county in California has its own bail schedule. This is determined by a judge each year. Orange County and Los Angeles County actually have the highest bail costs in the nation. That’s why it’s so crucial to have an experienced Canoga Park bail bonds agent at your side.

In the courtroom, your individual bail amount is determined by several factors. The judge considers the seriousness of the offense, past offenses, and flight risk. The riskier you are, the higher the bail will be or the more likely it is that bail will be denied.

During the arraignment, bail can be edited. This most often happens in cases where the person would probably prefer an individual attended court in place of being bailed out right away with the hope that bail will be dropped.

Judges have the power to keep the actual bail as it is, free any accused upon his/her own recognizance, lower their bail, increase the bail, or just deny bail as a whole. This is something that can happen each time you appear before a judge without being bailed out.

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