Following Arrest

What Happens After an Arrest

After a loved one has been arrested, waiting for information can be nerve racking. Many of us don’t know what happens when you get arrested and hope to keep it that way, but when it’s you or a loved one, it can be a comfort to know the process.

Processing & Booking

The first step after being taken to jail is the processing and booking. This could take just an hour, or it could take as much as twelve hours depending on how busy that particular jail is.

After that, a search is conducted for contraband and weapons. Their belonging are confiscated and checked. They will not have access to money or cell phones.

The processing involves finger printing, checking for warrants, checking the offender’s background, and cross referencing them in the database. After this is complete, the database will be updated.

Once this process is done, the offender is led to a cell. This is generally the time they are allowed to make a phone call to family and look for bail bondsmen. Time is critical to get them released as fast as possible. So, when your loved one calls, get all the information you can, and immediately contact our bail bonds agents at 818-804-3025.