Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunting in Canoga Park, CA

When you use a bail bonds agent to get out of jail, you have made a commitment to show up to your court dates and not skip out on bail. The company has put themselves on the line for you, and in return, you should follow the terms of the agreement.

Unfortunately, some people do not follow the agreement and skip bail. When this happens in the state of California, bail bonds companies can then send out bounty hunters, also known as fugitive recovery agents, to bring them back.

Bounty hunters may experience a lot of action in their job, but it is nothing like in movies. It is usually a difficult and not-so-fun job. Often times, people don’t cooperate, or they might even have to bring in someone who they feel is a good person.

In order to properly perform their duties, there are certain rights a bounty hunter must be given. First, it must be allowed by law. Only two counties allow bounty hunting; The Philippines and the United States, and not all the states allow it. Secondly, they are allowed to enter any property owned by the offender because the offender has given up their rights by skipping bail. Lastly, they must have noted approval by a Canoga Park bail bonds agency to be allowed to detain the defendant.

This is the most effective way to catch bail jumpers, and bounty hunters actually claim to arrest 90% of bail jumpers per annum.

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