Bail Costs

Bail Costs in Canoga Park

Bail bonds costs in California are actually decreed by the law. There is actually a bail schedule in each county decided upon by a judge. Usually, bail bonds costs are set at 10% of the bail. That percentage is decided by the California Department of Insurance. The bail bond cost is not returned.

By law, all bail bonds agency and their agents must be licensed by the state and lawfully approved to help those wanting a bail bond in order to release a defendant from prison. So, when you look for a bail bonds agency be sure they are following these laws. No matter how appealing a lower cost is, the fact that it’s illegal could hurt you. If you have any concern about a particular business, the Better Business Bureau is a great resource.

Be aware that part of working with a bail bondsman includes collateral. This means that they want security that you will be at your court dates. Sometimes this is given in cash or even property. After your trial is finished, the bail bonds agent must return the collateral.

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