Bail Bond Articles Regarding Canoga Park

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Bail Costs

Bail Costs in Bail bonds costs in California are actually decreed by the law. There is actually a bail schedule in each county decided upon by a judge. Usually, bail bonds costs are set at 10% of the bail. That percentage is decided by the California Department of Insurance. The bail bond cost is not...Read More

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunting in , When you use a bail bonds agent to get out of jail, you have made a commitment to show up to your court dates and not skip out on bail. The company has put themselves on the line for you, and in return, you should follow the terms of the agreement....Read More

Following Arrest

What Happens After an Arrest After a loved one has been arrested, waiting for information can be nerve racking. Many of us don’t know what happens when you get arrested and hope to keep it that way, but when it’s you or a loved one, it can be a comfort to know the process. Processing...Read More

How Bail is Set

How Bail is Set in Every single county in California has its own bail schedule. This is determined by a judge each year. Orange County and Los Angeles County actually have the highest bail costs in the nation. That’s why it’s so crucial to have an experienced bail bonds agent at your side. In the...Read More

Jail Release Options

Jail Release Options for Offenders While bail bonds are the easiest and most common way to get out of jail, they are not the only way. Bail Bonds Bail bonds are the most common option, because most people don’t have the cash upfront to pay the cost of bail. In this case, a percentage of...Read More

State vs. Federal Bail

State vs. Federal Bail Bonds in If you are charged with a federal crime you can expect a very different process than with a state crime. To get out of jail for a federal crime, you will have to see a magistrate. Unlike California, the federal government does not have a bail schedule. Everything is...Read More
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